Machining Workshop
Precision Machining Workshop

Horizontal Lathe
The horizontal lathe is used for turning the surface of flange blanks in order to create a bright and aesthetically pleasing exterior. Here we use a variety of lathes to process different sizes of flanges, which effectively improves our production efficiency.

The plate flange blank is being processed by a horizontal lathe.
Our staff is placing the flange blank onto a turret lathe.
This center lathe is used to handle the outer surface and inner ring of our products.
The CNC lathe can be programmed for automatic cutting.
This gap-bed lathe is used for turning large plate flanges. It makes our products more attractive and brighter than previously.

Vertical Drilling Machine
This machine comes with a drill bit that enables 3 plate flanges to be drilled in a single operation. It works fast, precisely and extremely efficiently. We currently have 20 such machines, each of which can perform drilling on different sizes of plate flanges.

Laser Marking Machine
Each side of the plate flange can be automatically sprayed by the laser marking machine.

Engraving Machine
This machine enables plate flanges to be clearly engraved with characters.

Pipe fittings can be automatically engraved with characters by the computer-controlled equipment.

Packaging Machine
This machine is performing packaging on the galvanized plate flange. It uses stretch film to be wrapped around the flange, enabling the package to be perfectly protected.

This warehouse is used to store all sorts of finished flanges that meet the standard from different countries or regions, such as the USA, Japan, Germany and Europe. Our flange products can be further precisely machined to meet the needs of customers.

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