Production Area for Pipe Fittings

This is our production workshop for pipe fittings. In this workshop, we employ elbow forming machine, oil press, pipe beveling machine, sand blasting machine and other state-of-the-art equipment sets for the precision machining of pipe elbow, equal tee, concentric reducer, pipe cross and other pipe fittings.

Pipe Fitting Processing Workshop

The end products are placed neatly. All of them have been precisely machined and well packaged for shipment.

Elbow Forming Machine
This automatic elbow forming machine uses medium-frequency heating technology to make a 90 degree bend in a pipe.

Oil Press
The 500 tons press is utilized to make the pipe end into a perfectly round shape.

Pipe Beveling Machine
This pipe beveling machine is used for turning the pipe ends. The bevel angle varies from 35 degrees to 39 degrees.

Sand Blasting Machine
This sand blasting equipment is designed with steel grit for quick and effective removal of surface rust from pipe elbows.

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