Forging Area

There are 16 metal cutting machines, 4 trip hammers, 3 air hammers, ring rolling machines and other equipment sets within the flange forging area.

Metal Cutting Machine
This cutting machine offers a high level of automation. It takes only 5 minutes to cut out each metal piece.

Trip Hammer
The flange blank that has been sintered at about 1100℃ will be further processed by a 2-ton trip hammer.

We currently have 4 such machines. Each machine can produce 9 tons of flange blanks in one day.

The trip hammer is working. It can form the flange into a desired shape.

Air Hammer
Our company possesses 3 air hammers, each of which can produce 8 tons of small flange blanks every day.

The sintered metal material is being treated by an air hammer.

Our staff is handling the metal material as it is being hammered by our machine.

Ring Rolling
The ring rolling machine is used to roll the plate flange blanks. It enables a ring of smaller diameter to be rolled into a precise ring of larger diameter and a reduced cross section.

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