Customer Case Studies
Case 1

Singapore Customer Purchasing Flange and Pipe fittings for Shipyard in 2013

A customer from Singapore purchases 1200 tons flanges and 1000 tons pipe fittings from our factory per year. Like everyone else, the first order is complex. I must confirm so many requirements with him. He is particularly strict in the material and size requirements, and all the products must be painted black. Then I arrange production according to his requirements. When he receive our products, he is very satisfied with them, and tell me that our products not only the size and material accord with standard, but also beautiful appearance. And he decided to work with us for a long. As you know, the second order is much better, and now we can work well with each other.

Case 2

South Korea Customer Purchasing Flange and Pipe fittings for Shipbuilding in 2010

Our company began to develop South Korea Market in 2004, and now we have eight large customers in Korea.

One of the customers, basically every two months will purchase 600-800 tons of flanges. They are mainly purchasing JIS 5K, 10K SOPFF, SOHRF: DIN SOPRF etc. The customer for the quality of our products is very strict and the thickness of the flanges only be positive tolerance not negative tolerance. In order to meet the customer requirements, our company specially developed the instrument to measure the thickness exactly. We tested the flanges one by one, and the substandard products will be abandoned certainly. We will produce the flange again. So all products we sent to customers are qualified. The customer is very satisfied with our products.

Case 3

Iran Customer Purchasing Flange and Pipe fittings for Oil & Gas Line in 2008

One of our client from Iran usually buy the ASME B16.9 carbon steel pipe fittings products, usually the buy the pipe fittings wall thickness of SCH10 and SCH40, and the sizes from 1/2" to 24". Their purchase quantity is about 1500 tons per year. This client demand the packing term of small sizes 1/2" to 2" packed by cartons then by wooden pallets instead of wooden cases. This will be easy for them take out the carton.

And for the pipe fittings surface they need good polished and glare black painting, so that the goods look beautiful.

With competitive price and good quality products, our goods are more and more popular in the Iran market, and moreover my client made an investment project to extend our goods in their market.

Case 4

The Middle East Customer Purchasing Flange and Pipe fittings for Gas Line in 2004

Customer need ASME/ANSI Slip On Flange and Welding Neck Flange as well as Sch40/Sch80 Pipe fittings (such as Elbow, Tee and Reducer), in 2004 this customer purchased 5 containers of goods in the first order ,almost 156990 pcs of goods, they arranged the BV inspector live in factory for WIP-Work in process (Material Cutting - Forging- Machining -Marking - Packing ), within 20 days arranged the shipment .

The customer have the special Painting Marking in product surface ,we arranged the worker paint the marking pc by pc, the customer appreciated our work ethos ,so they give us orders in each quarter .

Case 5

Indonesia Customer Purchasing Flange and Pipe fittings for Shipyard in 2000

A customer from Indonesia, he bought 50 tons of JIS B2220, DIN2502 flanges and ANSI B16.9 pipe fittings per month. For the flanges, they need thinner thickness than the standard with yellow paint for the surface. For fittings, they need thickness tolerance ±12.5% and black paint of surface. They require variety of items but fewer quantities. We insist to give them best price and provide high quality. More important we can guarantee the delivery time. So received praise, trust and win a good reputation from our customer.

Case 6

Italy Customer Purchasing Flange and Pipe fittings for Oil Line in 1995

Product Standard: UNI2254, UNI76, UNI2277, UNI2278, UNI2282, UNI2284, UNI6084, UNI6093
Products Name: Carbon Steel Forged Flanges (PL, TH, WN, BL)
Products Quantity: 356Tons (82070pcs)
Products Material: P245gh
Other Requirements: Real Forged Flange, All dimensions are confirmed to the UNI Standard.
Customer Feedback: Affirm the quality and production rate of our products, the following years will give us the usual storage order or urgent projection order.

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